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Yao sighed as the clock ticked later into the night and his brother’s eyes had still not managed to close. He wasn’t exactly sure why Kiku had trouble sleeping at night, but it always took him a long time to fall asleep, even when he was a child. There were nights many years ago where Yao would doze off with Kiku to wake up a few hours later with the child still staring up at the sky. This still held true tonight in Yao apartment, where Kiku was spending the night after developing a fever. Yao insisted his little brother stay for the night, not wanting his illness to get worse by going out into the cool night.

It had been a couple of hours since Kiku laid down on Yao’s worn couch, and Yao had gone to his bedroom. Yao had originally woken up in the night to use the bathroom, and had decided to check up on his brother. Just like old times, Kiku lay in the darkness, looking out into the night at the sky where the beautiful moon was suspended in space far above them.

“Aiya…I thought he would least be asleep because of his fever.” Yao thought. He walked quietly over to Kiku, whose eyes became fixed on him as he approached.

“It’s a nice night.” Yao commented as he sat on the floor by his brother’s side. “The sky is unusually clear.”

“It is.” Kiku replied bluntly.

“You know…there are rabbits on the moon.” Yao said quietly. “They’re up there busy pounding medicine.”

“Its mochi.” Kiku corrected him.

“No, I’m sure its medicine.” Yao continued. “The moon rabbits need to make the Elixer of Life for the Immortals, especially Chang’e.”

Kiku turned on his side to face Yao. “Chang’e?”

Yao nodded. “The moon goddess.  She’s the moon rabbits’ companion. I never told you how she got up there, did I?”

 Kiku shook his head. “But I’m too old for stories, Yao-san.”

“Don’t be silly. Just listen.” Yao began his story about the beautiful woman named Chang’e and her husband, Houyi the Archer. He told all the versions of the ascent of Chang’e to his brother that he knew of, and how every night she watched over the Earth with the moon rabbits by her side.  

Before Yao could finish his tales though, he heard a soft snoring coming from the couch. He turned to see that Kiku had finally closed his eyes and that sleep finally came to him. Yao smiled slightly as he pulled the blanket up over his brother. It was like old times again.

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